The huge per annum capacity of the company has only been possible because of the well organized and equipped, as well as sufficiently efficient production plant that has been set up. The plant is located at Palsana, roughly 30 kms away from Surat railway station, at the center of route connecting Mumbai and Ahmedabad.

The production plant has the latest, most efficient and state of the art machineries installed in it. Many of these machineries have been imported from many countries across the world like Germany, USA, and Japan etc. To achieve the optimum quality levels that the company wants to maintain, it has been made sure that all of the machineries installed are of the best and highest quality brands. Moreover we have sufficiently efficient labour to cater to the needs of man power requirements. One of the noteworthy points is that the plant is set up on an eco friendly basis, with all of the pollution norms maintained and kept under constant check, to avoid clashes and harm to the nature and surroundings.

The following depicts the installations made at the plant:

& Dyeing

Indigo Dyeing Range equipped with 4 Colour dyeing, with 8 dips for dark shade, Quick
oxidation for Indigo dye fixation, Steamer for Sulphur dyes fixation, Auto dosing and Offline auto tritrator for shade consistency.


Air Jet Looms - Tsudakoma.


Menzel Singing 



Sanforizing Machine

Wet Chemical Finish