‘R & B’ is not just a name, but it also is an abbreviation for ‘Rhythm and Blue’, ‘Rhythm’ basically represents harmony, where everything is in tune, and ‘Blue’ is for Indigo, the quintessential color of denims. The company is being led ahead by a young group of businessmen from both the partner firms.

Mr. Amit Dalmia and Mr. Deepak Dalmia, sons of Mr. Anand Dalmia; & Mr. Rajkumar Borana and Mr. Ankur Borana, sons of Mr. Mangilal Borana, are the four pillars on whose shoulders the entire universe of R&B Denims rests upon. These four young men have set out with a vision of going out there and creating something entirely from scratch and sustaining it, making a name for it, and getting its name inscribed amidst the bests. It is such dedication and the utmost passion that they have for their work and towards their venture that has led to R & B Denims conquering the achievements in just under a year, which others take years to scale.