Customer Focus

The Management of this organization continuously ensures that the customers’ requirements along with applicable statutory & regulatory requirements are pre determined, understood and met fully all the time to enhance customer satisfaction.

The risk and opportunities that can affect conformity of the products & services and the ability to enhance customer satisfaction are determined and addressed.

Before the preparation of offer, management studies customers’ direct and indirect requirements by communicating, meeting and discussing with customers. We actively take part in related exhibition in India for better understanding customer’s current requirement and also exhibit ourselves by displaying our product quality and our capability. We have also launched our official website to introduce ourselves and display our product on web for domestic and international market. And after receiving order generally matters discussed are like any addition to cost, delivery schedule, assistance required in regulatory or legal matters etc.

The feedback from customer is self-explanatory and evident whether full “customer satisfaction” is achieved or not. Upon completion of order a customer feedback / certificate may be received from the customer, which when analyzed acts as a very effective tool to customer satisfaction.