Our Products

R&B Denims Ltd.

‘R & B Denims’ has a production capacity of more than 30 million meters per annum. This is one of those rare instances where you see quantity flowing alongside quality.

Our products include open end/ ring spun yarns, slub yarns, multi count, cottons and polyester spandex. They come as Indigo dyed, Sulphur Dyed, Indigo bottom Sulphur toppings and Sulphur bottom and Indigo toppings, with both foam and wet finishes. These are the main products manufactured under the umbrella of “R & B Denims”, along with others fancy yarn play in weft patterns in different weave designs. All of these, in various chemical and mechanical finishes.

The garments manufactured have their weights in the range of 4-14 Oz/sq.yd while their finished width is up to 78”, maximum. Our weave patterns include plain, twill and broken twill, oxford, satin, matty, dobby, knitted dobby etc.

Above all, our production is maintained with best ERP system to track and keep production and quality check online, which is essential in this competitive and fast world.

Denim Fabric

Product Description

Wide range of innovative and high-quality denim fabrics.

Fabric Range

  • 100% Cotton
  • Blends
    • Cotton-Tencel
  • Organic Cotton
  • Power Stretch
  • Cotton Elastane
  • Metallic Coating (Shiny)
  • Yarn Dyed Multiple Coloured Weft
  • Cotton/Poly/Elastane

Specialized Yarns


  • Cotton Tencel
  • Organic Yarns


  • Plain
  • Rib Stop
  • Oxford
  • Matty
  • Twill
  • Satin
  • Dobby
  • Knitted Dobby
  • Herringbone
  • Honey Comb
  • Broken Twill


Wide variety of shades including colours

  • IBST
  • SBIT
  • Dark Indigo
  • Multi-coloured shades


4.0 to 14.0 Oz/sq.yd

Finish Width

Maximum upto 78”.


  • Soft finishes, Sanforizing, Desized Silky feel,
  • Mercerized, Coated fabric,
  • Various Chemical & Mechanical finish.


  • Market leaders in product development
  • Wide range of established products
  • 8 dip dyeing machine with quick oxidation for darker shade
  • Four point inspection system
  • Integrated ERP system for complete traceability of materials and processes

Installed Capacity

30 million meters per annum

Ricon Industries

Cotton Yarn

Product Description

High quality carded & combed auto coned grey cotton yarns.

Counts Available

  • Hosiery Count
  • Weaving Counts
  • Ring Slub
  • Elli Twist
  • Core Spun Spandex Yarn
  • Core Spun Slub Spandex Yarn
  • : Ne 8s to 30s
  • : Ne 8s to 16s
  • : Ne 2/20s to 2/40s
  • : Ne 8 to Ne 16


  • Certified manufacturer for organic cotton yarn.
  • 100% testing and categorization of cotton bales
  • Special counts can also be made against order.
  • Bigger lots available to ensure uniformity in dyeing
  • Bulk Quantities in Minimal lead time.
  • 100% Quantum Cleared yarn.

Installed Capacity

  • 2208 Open End Rotors
  • 11520 Ring Spindles