Company Overview

R&B Denims Ltd.

‘R&B Denims’ is being promoted by the RawatKhedia and the Borana groups, undoubtedly two of the most influential textile houses in the polyester hub, that Surat is. RawatKhedia group is currently under the leadership of Mr. Anand Dalmia, whereas the Borana group is being headed by Mr. Mangilal Borana, both of whom are supported by their sons.

Both of these companies have a long lineage of more than 30 years each, in the textile industry, and are very well known in their areas of expertise. The Borana group, today, is capable of an weaving output value of more than 1.5 million meters of polyester Grey fabrics a month, whereas the RawatKhedia group has a processing output of more than 5 million meters of premium quality synthetic fabrics per month. The stats and figures are very much the proof of the enormity of these companies, which couldn’t have been achieved ever, if they had not stuck to the international standards in terms of quality and services policies that the company adheres by.

We are one of the largest vertically integrated textile manufacturers in World with over 30 million meters capacity of denim. One of the few denim manufacturers capable of produce high width denim up to 76 inches . We offer large volumes of denim in similar colours as well as small lots in differentiated colours. Our fabric finishing facility includes almost every type of possible finishes on denims e.g. wet chemical application, foam application, over-dyeing, coating, resin application and the list is growing.

The company’s advanced spinning facility is capable of producing ring spun, Open end, 2 ply yarns and specialized yarns like cotton stretch yarns. Our world-class facilities are ably backed by a solid infrastructure to make our processes more productive, people more efficient and products consistent in quality. We regularly incur maintenance capital expenditure to keep the technology relevant, updated to offer the widest range of fabrics while conserving environment through reduced carbon footprint, water consumption and manpower stress.

Ricon Industries

Ricon Industries is one of the group companies under R&B Denims which commissioned 30 tons of cotton yarn production latest facility in June 2017. Ricon Industries deals in manufacturing various quality & fancy cotton yarns for our esteemed customers. Within a short span of one year, Ricon Industries has established it’s footprint in domestic and exports market.

Ricon Industries represents a 100% cotton yarn manufacturing company, with an installed capacity of 2208 open end rotors and 11520 ring spindles. We ensure that every kilogram of yarn supplied from Ricon conforms to International standard and with zero complaint.

One of the major reasons behind our growth is that our customers are at the top in our priority list. We have left no stones unturned to deliver them the finest quality yarns. Innovation, continuous technology upgrade and capacity strengthening are key drivers of growth for the Company.